1. Hire the right team-
One of the most important keys to your success will be having the right players on your team. Hire for personality, train for skill. Genuine customer service oriented individuals are hard to come by these days so when you run across a superstar, don’t let them go! Hiring and building the right team will take you to the top!

2. Create a fun work environment-
Having fun at work is a major key to creating your award-winning team. No one wants to come to a job where they are constantly micro managed, depressed, and the vibe is all business and no play. Have fun! Get to know your team and cater your fun around their personalities. In order for your team to make guests happy, they need to be happy as well. We all love to have fun at work!

3. Share your knowledge-
Sharing what you know will only make your team stronger! You’re only as good as your weakest link so make sure you invest time in ALL of your team members. There is no better way to gain trust than sharing what you know and giving best practices/examples. Don’t be intimidated, they want to learn. If you aren’t sharing your knowledge and skills with your team it’s basically going to waste.

4. Challenge your team-
Challenge your team! Set goals, test them, give them something to work towards, and keep them engaged. We all need a good challenge to keep us on our toes and in tune with what’s going on. Quiz your team on everything from brand standards to local area businesses. Set attainable daily, weekly, and monthly GSS and Revenue goals to consistently keep your team engaged.

5. Reward/Praise your team-
We all love to feel appreciated and recognized for what we do! A simple “thank you” can go a very long way! When you achieve your goals ALWAYS reward and give your team praise. A team that feels appreciated will always work harder. People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards!