How we view our guests influences how we respond to them and treat them! Yes, it’s true! How you perceive your guests play a big part in how you’ll treat them whether you know it or not. I often look at the leaders of hotels when I see positivity and energy coming from the housekeeper that spoke to me while walking down the hallway, the maintenance man who held a conversation with me in the elevator, or even the front desk agent who checked me in and went above and beyond. On the flip side, the negativity can start at the top as well. When my reservation is pulled up and it’s showing I’m an employee and the level of service decreases dramatically.

As leaders, we must remember we are always being watched and listened to very closely by our fellow co-workers/team. We can’t treat every single guest who walks into our hotels the same. Personalized service is major key to staying ahead of the comp set. A negative experience with one guest or group of guests shouldn’t influence how we treat or look at the next guest or group of business. Often we use trends and profiles in our hotels to try to identify and predict the future. As hoteliers, we have to remember never to do this when it comes to the service we provide. Remain consistent and always give the absolute best guest service you can give.

Guests may forget what we say, but they’ll never forget how the hotel and staff made them feel. Never profile your guests! Remember to take every opportunity to exceed guests expectations and always respond in a positive manner.