Last month HoteliersConnect took a poll of 100 millennials throughout 5 different states to come up with the Top 5 things they want and expect from hotels they stay in. Hotels are finally starting to catch onto other industries when it comes to catering to the millennial crowds by using social media outlets such as Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to connect with them. Within the past 2 years all major hotel chains have implemented various apps to provide hotel services. According to IHG’s 2015 Trends Report, 44% of millennials prefer booking hotel services from a mobile phone versus 26% of baby boomers. Once millennials have finally arrived at your hotel we asked what were the Top 5 Things they expected and this is what they told HoteliersConnect –


  1. Cleanliness– No surprise at the top of the list we saw cleanliness the most frequently. No matter how nice your hotel may be, no matter the brand name, if it’s not clean you’re losing millennial business.
  2. Free Wifi– Free wifi is almost standard across the board these days. Millennials spend a lot of time using their computers, tablets, phones, etc. They don’t want to pay an extra charge for the things they depend on and use daily. 
  3. Free Healthy Breakfast– Free breakfast with healthy options came in at #3 on the list of #5. Millennials are more health conscious and becoming more particular about the things they eat to start their day. Over 75% of millennials polled said a free breakfast with healthy options is a necessity.
  4. Fitness Center– Coming in at #4 is the fitness center. Millennials said it’s a must they had an updated fitness center available when needed to workout. Simply put, if you have a 24 hr fitness center on your property millennials are using it!
  5. Great Personalized Service– While millennials use the mobile check-in and service apps more than the older crowds one thing is for sure, when they come in contact with your staff they expect great personalized service. This speaks volumes! As the hotel industry continues to constantly evolve and technology becomes more present, the foundation of hospitality stays the same. Service will always remain a major key to your hotels’ success.