What does Trump’s win mean for hotels?


Donald Trump has officially won the election and will be 45th president of the United States of America. What does this mean for the hotel industry in the USA?


Hoteliers across the U.S have already expressed deep concern over his proposed policies on stronger immigration laws, building a wall along the Mexican border, and the temporary ban on Muslim immigration. For the hotel industry, this could mean serious negative side effects. In the United States key positions in the hotel are usually manned by non-American minorities. With Trump enforcing strict laws in the near future, managers and leaders are wondering what effects this may have on the hotel industry in the U.S. Some of the questions we’ve heard thus far are as follows- Could this discourage new talent from entering the country? Could this put an end to new non-American talent coming into the country? Will staffing models for hotels change? Will wages and labor costs skyrocket?


Aside from the labor aspect in hotels, tourism and travel into the United States by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Middle-East nations could significantly decline due to policies enforced by Trump’s temporary ban resulting in the decline in occupancy in many hotels across the U.S.


Whether it be directly or indirectly, Donald Trump winning the election for president of the United States of American will have serious effects on the hotel industry. Will it be positive or negative? We’ll all have to stay tuned in and watch our industry trends as 2017 begins.