3 Ways to Fix A Guest Issue

Follow and execute these 3 steps and you’ll be able to turn any upset guest into a happy guest!

1. Listen– Yes, believe it or not just listening to their issue and showing empathy can sometimes immediately fix the issue. Paying attention and listening to the actual issue will also give clues on how to fix problem. Often we as hoteliers have heard the problem hundreds of times before, but it’s important to remember the guest probably hasn’t ever experienced the problem and if they have, it’s frustrating to them. When guests get angry or frustrated they need to someone to vent to and it’s our jobs to be great listeners and problem solvers.


2. Apologize– A simple apology can go a very long way! An apology not only acknowledges the issue being presented, but It’s a sign of ownership of the problem. Some hoteliers rush to put a discounted price on a room night or offer something for free, but most of the time guests just want us to own the problem and apologize. Listening then apologizing is a great way to fix a guest issue.


3. Fix the problem– Above all else, the guest is coming to you with a problem or issue because they want it to be fixed. If you can fix their problem/issue, you have won most of the battle. Remember, whether it’s reservation issues, a dirty room, bad directions, and even issues that aren’t the hotels’ fault, it can all be fixed/solved. Always look to be a problem solver and take every opportunity to go above and beyond to fix the problem BEFORE the guest checks out.