President Trump Works At His Own Hotel



The video of American businessman and President-elect Donald Trump working in a few departments at one of his hotels in 2011 recently has gone viral. Yes, the CEO of the company and President of the United States of America got his hands dirty and showed the world that he’s capable of doing line level work. It may have been a PR stunt or perhaps a way to show the world he employs people who are happy working for him and the workplace environment is enjoyable. We (Hoteliers Connect) saw something way more important in the clip. LEADERSHIP!

It’s important we as leaders always let our team members in all departments know they’re important. The saying “Treat the CEO with the same respect as you do the janitor” goes a long way in hospitality business. As you climb the ladder, get promoted, or receive awards never forget the team members around you who helped make it possible. As hoteliers, don’t ever be afraid to offer assistance to any of your co-workers or team members daily. The gesture alone can make a huge positive impact on your team and the moral/culture of your hotel. Even though you may not have cleaned a room, bussed tables, or picked the trash up from the parking lot in a few years, it never hurts to brush up on your skills and show true leadership : )


-Hoteliers Connect