Marriott’s 30 Brands


Marriott International recently gave the world a snapshot of their 30 brands and how they’ll be categorized. Much to our surprise they aren’t going to merge any of the 30 different brands to combine them into one brand. Instead, Marriott came up with two different categories. (Classic & Distinctive) Within each of two categories there are 3 different levels to each. (Select, Premium, and Luxury) Within the classic category they placed a sub-category called Longer Stays for their extended stay brands. As for now, Marriott hasn’t found a way to merge the PMS for all 30 brands but sources close tell us it’s currently in the works.

We don’t know if all 30 different brands will have their own identities forever or what other changes may come but it’s very exciting news! All except 3 of Starwood’s 11 brands ended up in the “Distinctive” category. Starwood has always been known for their innovation in lifestyle branding so this isn’t surprising at all. For now, we’re still waiting to see how they’re merge the loyalty programs. It’s safe to say Marriott has some major decisions to make during the upcoming months. Stay tuned!