Hewing Hotel


The Hewing Hotel has officially opened the doors as of November 17, 2016! Aparium Hotel Group- converted the downtown Minneapolis building originally structured in 1897, into a 124-room boutique hotel. This 31 million-dollar project is amazing and looks great!

hewing-hotel_033116-webThis Hewing Hotel got its inspiration from the loggers who helped build the City of Minneapolis over 100 years ago. In woodworking “Hewing” is the process of converting a log from its rounded natural form into lumber (timber). It is an ancient method still used occasionally to square up beams for timber framing.

This boutique hotel has 34 different layouts for the 124 rooms and includes 13 suites. It also has a rooftop bar, lounge, sauna and small pool that will convert into a hot tub during with Minnesota’s colder months. The hotel embraces Minneapolis’s heritage while offering contemporary amenities and experiences for locals and travelers alike.

hewing-lobby_061416The Chicago-based Aparium Hotel Group, has a growing collection of independent hotels. Breaking away from the typical major hotel brands names, they instead incorporate a bit of city history and tradition within their hotels making them more unique.

“We built this hotel for the community. Our goal is to serve as a social anchor for Minneapolis.” -Mario Tricoci (CEO & Managing partner of Aparium Hotel Group)

This is definitely an amazing project and we look forward to seeing what Aparium Hotel Group has in store moving forward.



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