Kallpod- F&B Game Changer


We have all experienced that waiter or waitress who was so busy they either forgot about us, or couldn’t provide the service we needed. We’ve also experienced the server who completely forgot about us once they walked away from the table and we really needed an extra condiment or cocktail. As hoteliers we know how important it is for our restaurants to provide exceptional service or it may negatively impact our brand and service scores. Now there is a solution for it all…


Introducing the Kallpod! This device allows your guests to communicate directly to your server without the wait. The server wears a watch notifying them of the guests needs whether it be more food, cocktails, or even the check. The staff can also communicate with to each other internally to notify when a new table has been seated in his/her section.


How do we as hoteliers benefit from this? More sales, faster service, increased service scores, bigger tips for employees, lower labor costs = HAPPIER GUESTS and MORE PROFIT!


With the hotel industry constantly changing, Kallpod is definitely redefining hospitality through better communication. This is an excellent tool for our F & B departments to utilize in our restaurants! Looking into this device can help you provide the best possible service and cater to your guests in a way we haven’t seen before now.


Kallpod is currently featured in 600 venues now including over 20 hotels and resorts. For more information please see the link below:




-Hoteliers Connect